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Frequently Asked Questions

UPS - Label created and No update, Where is my package?

Don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal. UPS picks up the package after it has passed the customs in the destination continent. The shipment from China to there is by a 3rd party service arranged by the shipping company we use and they don’t have an official tracking system. However the shipping company can track the package on their end if there is a massive delay in delivery.

However most delays occur during the customs clearance process. 


This is very normal and after a few weeks it should look something like this:

How much is the Shipping cost to my country
  • You will find the shipping calculator in the Chat page or in the checkout page, there you will see the options, price, and delivery time once the package is dispatched from our warehouse.
  • UPS and Fedex Shipping cost is calculated based on Package Size of the product of your order
  • If you buy multiple in stock statues at once you can potentially save a lot in shipping cost since the bigger the Volume of packages sent to 1 single address the cheaper the shipping cost per volume unit. 


What are the TERMS and CONDITIONS?
  • Please check out our Terms and Conditions page:


Why are there fluctuations in the prices?

The base currency of this webstore is USD 

Price fluctuations in other currencies are due to the constantly changing exchange rate. 

I would like to pay with PayPal

It’s possible to request a PayPal invoice but only in USD. To do that you need to change the currency if it’s not already in USD then you go to the check out page, there you will see “PayPal invoice request” as payment option. 

If you don’t receive a PayPal invoice within 48h let us know your order number and we will check and send you an invoice. 

NOTE: Orders are only secured when payment is confirmed, if someone places the order before you and pays with credit card his order is prioritised in case something gets sold out.

Are all shipments with Tracking number?

Yes, every shipment has a tracking number. This is to avoid lost packages

Safe to make credit card payments?

This website is SSL encrypted, SSL is designed for  credit card payments. So this website is secure

We use Stripe as the credit card processing gateway.

If you are in doubt you are welcome to do your own research about SSL and Stripe

I want a product but it's out of Stock

You can go on the product page and enter a waiting list. You will receive an email as soon the product is back in stock.

But note, it is possible that we only get 1 piece. Make sure you buy it quick before it’s sold out again.

The status of my order didn't change, has it been sent?

Please allow up to 7 working days for your order to be sent, sometimes we update the status 2-3 days after the package has been dispatched, because that is when we get a working tracking number

My order hasn't been sent can I cancel it?

If your order hasn’t been sent within 10 working days you are entitled to a full refund, just contact us.

This only applies to orders involving stock items only (not a mixture of pre-order and stock)

Are the products legit/original?

Yes all products are absolutely legit and original. Unless stated otherwise in the product page

We are an authorised seller of the resin statues

Banpresto products are sourced from authorised selling agents.

I received something damaged

As an authorised seller we can provide after sale solutions for you.

We can only offer the solutions that are offered by the manufacturer. This is how it works: We forward your case and if the manufacturer agrees to replace the parts then we will forward you the replacement parts. Usually the manufacturer’s don’t pay for the shipping cost, so it’s up to the buyer (You) to pay for it. But for small parts that don’t cost much to ship me will cover the shipping cost. Some studios can admit the flaws of their packaging design and agree to send replacements free of charge. 

Fill in the after sales application form an we try our best.

It is best to decline damage packages during delivery and report to us the damage, this way we can apply compensation form the carrier.

Note: Some manufactures are asking for damaged parts to be returned to China (factory) to be fixed and they don’t cover any shipping costs, we can help cover the return shipping Only 

I would like to cancel a pre-order

Pre-Order deposits of custom resins are non refundable as they are passed on to the manufacturer and are used to finance the manufacturing process.

custom resins are produced in a small quantity, only as many as ordered are produced and no more than for example 100 worldwide.

By making a pre-order you are requesting a production of your piece, and the deposit money goes to the production deposit for the factory.



To keep all messages in the same place and provide a faster and better service we moved everything to WhatsApp messenger for the time being. You can causally message us directly from your phone or desktop and we will get back to you soon. We may offer email support again in the future. Thanks for your understanding 

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