Shipping Service Update (Important information)

Due to the COVID19 Pandemic many services are shut down, entire countries are only having the basic needs operational. This is leading to major changes in our shipping services.

As many of you would probably expect, shipping times are unpredictable. We are estimating a double in the shipping estimated time during normal circumstances, furthermore shipping companies are limiting the services they can offer. Such as Equick China and EMS as well as part of DHL are no longer being offered. In addition to that, shipping costs tend to rise over time and Package size restrictions are changing to smaller values. We have been told that this is mostly due to very few airplanes are leaving China right now.

We are constantly trying to look for best ways to keep sending packages, even though it’s getting harder. We are looking for options that we can use to send your package without charging us much more than what you paid for shipping, to avoid having to charge you extra on top of what you have paid.

At the current moment, shipping options via Railway and Sea seem to be the most stable, however the shipping times are 1-2 months in general. But rest assured that your package is being sent you should be receiving it after a while. We think that is better thank having it stored for months in China without knowing what the future outcome will be.

The current most used Shipping option for Europe is UPS Railway. Good News is that it’s a tax free shipping service (includes Greece and other small countries). On the other hand tracking updates are only shown when the package is in Germany (about 1 month after you receive the number) and from there on it should move quickly. You have to make sure that you are able to receive the package and contact UPS if you need any help.  

For shipments to USA we are trying to use SAL China Post at the moment as it seems to be the currently fasts option without a change in price. but if that fails for some reason we can offer FEDEX and China Post Sea (which only provide tracking information in the destination country) 

Brandingworldwide is offering a Sea shipping option to Australia with stable prices so far. Shipments to Canada, Switzerland and Japan will be via China Post SAL as long this option is available.

As for other countries please message us on Facebook to check if we can send something there, it also depends on the package size. 

We hope this information keeps you up to date with what is going on, in terms of the current shipping situation. We are hoping that everything is going to be restored to how it was as soon as possible.

Be healthy and be safe 🙂

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