WHere is My Package (UPS) ?

UPS Doesn’t doesn’t have my package…

Don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal. UPS is only responsible for picking up the package AFTER Customs clearance in the destination continent and delivering the package to your address. However the shipment from China to there is by a different 3rd party service arranged by the shipping company we use and is not officially trackable. However they are stable and we used them since April 2020. In case of a package having major delays the shipping company can still track it using their internal tracking system. 

Note: Most of the time the delays occur at customs, it sometimes takes 1-2 weeks for the packages to clear customs.


That’s what you are going to see for a few weeks


After awhile you will se an update like that (In that stage you may contact UPS to change delivery address if you have to):


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